My sister Joon asked me when I was going to knit something other than socks.

"Why would I want to do that?" I asked.

But her question got me thinking, and I concluded that maybe it was time for me to branch out.

It got really cold here a couple of weeks ago, and my ears were always freezing in the two minutes it took to walk from the door of the school to the door of my car.

So I decided to make a hat, which is pretty much a sock without a heel. That's how I venture into new territory: baby steps.

I pulled a skein of Lion Brand Landscapes from the closet and started knitting. "This'll be easy," I said to myself. "I don't need to follow a pattern."

And of course this happened:

I guess I overestimated the size of my own head.

Surprising, given how conceited awesome I am.

But the thing is, I made this hat, and then the weather turned. It figures.

On the plus side, I guess I have time to try again before it gets too cold again. Maybe this time I'll use a pattern.

I should probably measure my head, too. Just in case.


Kim said...

Landscapes felts, you know. Of course, if the hat is just too long, the circumference will probably be too small while the length is juuuuuust right. That, and it will be a hat that will keep you warm through a nuclear winter!

J said...

hee! too funny. can you roll up the bottom? it does look really nice. maybe you have some giant-headed friends?


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