Target Practice

I have to learn how to fire a gun.

A real one.

With bullets.

This is, of course, in preparation for the play, in which I maybe am/maybe am not a murderer.

"Hold up," I said (nice choice of words, eh?), "are you telling me that I will be holding a real gun and shooting stuff out of it onstage?"

"Yes," the director answered. And then I fainted.


The Science Goddess said...

My advice? Aim high. That flaming wax takes a long time to burn out. Take from someone who used to be in the pit and had to put out fires started on the score and on her clothes because the actors aimed too low. :)

Anonymous said...

remember our trip to the firing range? You and Joon did very well there. Can't say that about the whole family, though...


Shannon said...

Don't shoot your eye out.

Oh wait. Wrong play.

But since it is YOU I'm talking to and we all know how clumsy you are...ahem....don't shoot your eye out.


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