Busy Busy Busy

Here's my schedule for tomorrow. Tell me if you think I'm overbooked.

7:05am--Leave for school
7:30am--Begin school
2:45pm--Leave school, run home, pick up cat to take to vet because she is showing symptoms of UTI and I don't want her to die
3:00pm--Pick up dad, go to vet
3:10pm--4:00ish--Wait at vet's, probably
4:15pm--(probably) Leave dad at vet's with cat, go back to school for grad class
4:30pm--Grad class
6:15pm--Leave class early to go to play rehearsal
8:30ish--Leave rehearsal
9:00ish--Pick up cat (hopefully not dead!) from parents' house
9:10pm--Arrive home
9:30pm--Collapse into bed

Ooh, Tuesdays are gonna be a killer for the next few weeks.


arianna said...

Phew, good luck!

My question in all this is: how does Dad get home from the vet?

Anonymous said...

I may have to come to the rescue...


Mei said...

arianna--an excellent question and one I hadn't considered. We got it straightened out, though.

Thanks, Mom!

arianna said...

:) Glad to hear it all worked out! - How is your cat??


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