Sitting and Thinking

I've been pretty lazy this weekend, and it's felt good.

I finished my lesson plans in 20 minutes by copying and pasting; I kind of feel like I'm getting one over on The Man, but then ... look whose most rebellious act is b.s.-ing her lesson plans!

I've watched some Olympic swimming and running. As a clumsy non-athlete, I feel so awed by the ability all of those men and women have. It does inspire me to work a little harder to improve my own skills. Uh ... my thinking skills.

I've been pampering my feet in hopes that they won't crumble to dust in the coming weeks. It helps that I've tried to remain in a reclining position for most of the weekend.

I asked the director of the play if I could try an alternative movement for my character, and it totally worked! I think it fits the character, but it was totally based on personal experience. Namely, this one.

My theater class is so much better than I'd hoped, and I'm doing a lot of new stuff with them that they are just eating up. It's so nice to teach a group of enthusiastic, open-minded, uninhibited students.

I called a parent Friday afternoon about a student's behavior. It's pretty pathetic that the kid didn't last a week before getting all the way through my discipline procedures. But the good news is, his mom told me he's a resource kid, so maybe I can move him into the class he needs, rather than a class that's so far ahead of his abilities that he can't do anything other than act out. (That was a very diplomatic statement. I'm proud of myself.)

My Drama Society kids want this year's t-shirt to have a picture of Shakespeare on it. I'm totally okay with that, but they also want it to say, "Shakespeare is my homeboy." I think the "homeboy" thing is a little played out, but they suggested this: "Word to thy mother," and I am all over it.

I only had to stay at our Open House for twenty minutes because I had to run to rehearsal. I KNEW that would come in handy!

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