Blind Item

What teacher went to school this morning and got all the way to her classroom, where she encountered another teacher who informed her that the principal had asked Teacher 2 to please tell Teacher 1 that her skirt was unzipped?

And then, what teacher discovered that the zipper on her skirt was actually broken, and it wouldn't go either up OR down, so she went to the student bathroom and wrestled with the skirt and about fifty safety pins for ten minutes, all while hiding in a tiny toilet stall?

And THEN, what teacher found herself obsessively patting her own booty all day in an effort to reassure herself that everything was properly hidden?

P.S. What teacher bolted from the school at 3:00 sharp so she could get home and discard her wardrobe malfunction?


Shannon said...

I hope that wasn't your new skirt from Old Navy!

Anonymous said...

What teacher might want to consider stowing some duct tape in her purse or desk for these sorts of occasions? :)

You can repair anything with duct tape. Seriously. I've fixed jeans, shoes, and heavy velvet stage curtains with the stuff.

There's a reason duct tape is sometimes called The Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds all like together.

arianna said...

I was so going to say the same exact thing as Shannon. Whoah.

Mei said...

My Old Navy skirts are safe! They are durable and comfortable and not at all malfunction-y!

I'll definitely be using my school supply money to stock up on duct tape. But I am considering dyeing all my underwear the same color as my skirts, just in case.


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