Remember that episode of Saved by the Bell where they all went off to a hotel for a mystery weekend? And Zach solves the murder? And it turns out Lisa set the whole thing up? And Screech tries to pull the maid's wig off, but it turns out it was her real hair?

That was a good one.

There was an episode of Golden Girls where they did basically the same thing, except Blanche was the accused murderer, because she was going to meet her boss for ... well, I'll call it "drinks," but then he turned up dead in her room. And Dorothy solved the murder, but it turned out Sophia was part of it because she put some kind of fogless spray on the mirror she used to check the boss's (lack of) breath.

That was a good one too.

I always thought it would be cool to do something like that. I read mysteries all the time, but I almost never solve them. I wonder, if I went to a mystery dinner or something, if I'd be the star detective. Probably not.

It doesn't really matter now, though, because I'm going to play a character in a play about a mystery weekend and, while I certainly did not figure out who the murderer was during the read-through, AS USUAL--I think the play is quite good, and my character in particular is great. She's got some great lines and I get to do a Russian accent.

You could say that I'm the star. Well, I'M going to say that, anyway, when I tell people about it.

The play is called A Party to Murder, and it features ghosts, explosions, spurting blood, and (most importantly) ME.


angela said...

Saved By The Bell & the Golden Girls all in one blog post! Congratulations on getting the part in the play. :)

Amy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I loved the Golden Girls and was so sad to hear that Sophia passed away!

PaPoo said...

I can't believe you're going to be in a play you'd be too scared to watch. Whassup with that?


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