Nose to the Grindstone

I'm back in class, so posting will be sparse these three weeks. Here is some stuff of interest:

1. Last week, when I was staying over at Joon's I finished a book. This would not be such a big deal at my own house, because I have a stream of UPS men bringing me new books all the time. However, Joon's house is like a literary black hole. The baby has a ton of books, but I can only read Kitty's Barn so many times before I start to think about lobotomizing myself. Between them, Joon and her husband have fewer than ten books, and I was almost forced to read Nicholas Sparks! The horror!

Fortunately, I found Wayside School Is Falling Down. That's a funny book! I'm trying to find books to use in my classroom, and that might be good for a read-aloud in my reading class, even though it's written for younger students. Well, humor crosses generations, I'm sure.

(I definitely made sure to stock up the next day when I went home.)

2. I stayed up late Sunday night to finish the assigned reading for my class (yesterday was the first day) and got to school to find that I was the ONLY person who read it. When we had group work, my group finished first, on account of I'd done the reading. So we were just sitting around talking while everybody else had to look stuff up.

I am a nerd even among other nerds, I tell you.

3. My class meets at Randomville High, and I went in to the faculty ladies' room today and saw the weirdest thing: a booklet copy of our teachers' contract right next to the commode. Who does that? WHO reads their contract on the pot? That is beyond my comprehension.

4. I have set some goals for myself tonight: change the litter box, get the garbage ready to take out, search for articles to critique. I hope I make it.

5. Here is an excerpt from an exchange between Joon and me from last night:

Joon: where is your updated blog? i need some reading material.
Mei: where's yours?
J: well hurry up.
M: i'm back in class now, so i don't have a lot of time for frivolous writing.
J: blah-dee-blah-blah
M: I have an idea for a post, but it's making fun of you, so I don't know if you'll like that.
J: dont talk about [REDACTED] or i will come over to your house right now and punch you in the face

So, essentially, I posted this to get my sister off my back give my sister something to read BESIDES NICHOLAS SPARKS. That is how selfless I am.

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Joon said...

Where are Emmerson's beach pictures? I thought that was the whole point of SENDING you some picures! Kuhhhh!


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