Stop the Insanity

On Thursday, the cast of the play and I were going to stay after school and put the set onstage. This was going to involve lots of manual labor and power tools, and probably one or two curse words.

I was looking forward to it.

We also had our dress-rehearsal-for-the-dress-rehearsal, as the performance date is Tuesday, as in TWO DAYS FROM NOW.

However, our School Board, which is educated beyond its own intelligence, threw a mighty wrench in my plans, as it often tends to do.

At 1:00 Thursday afternoon, we were treated to this announcement: "Because of the impending inclement weather, we are going to let students out of school early."

In unison, twenty-one heads turned toward my window, where we all gazed upon an idyllic spring day full of blue skies, fluffy clouds, and bright, bright sunshine. Then, in unison, twenty-one people looked at each other and said, "HUH?"

Evidently, because some counties in Kansas or Oklahoma or western Arkansas were experiencing hurricane-type winds and possible tornadoes, we in quiet, NONSTORMY Randomville were being told to GO HOME. Under no circumstances were we to stay at school, even if we had planned for weeks to stay after school on this day.

At home, I waited for the storm The Storm. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more.

Around 10:30pm, the first--and last--thunderbolt sounded, then the soothing sounds of a gentle rain lulled me to sleep. That was the big storm that got us out of school and screwed up my plans.

So, in conclusion, we did NOT put the set onstage; there was NO manual labor and there were NO power tools.

However, there were lots and LOTS of curse words.

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J said...

oh, the wonderful Powers That Be...best of luck with the play plans. :)


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