This is what I did backstage:

It's makeup, just like it was last time.

This time, however, I had some stage blood to smear everywhere.

There was a reason for it; I don't just go around giving myself black eyes because I want to. It had something to do with the play, but I don't want to give anything away.

In our meeting the other day, the drama club decided to get a booth at Randomville's annual block party/festival and, instead of doing face-painting, we'd give people black eyes. And by "we," they definitely meant "Ms. Flower." I don't mind that--of all the things I've done in the name of the drama club, handing out black eyes all day would be the least taxing and the most fun ... and possibly the most profitable.

That picture above will serve as advertising, I think.

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Joon said...

That's a nice black eye you've got there. Come on, let me punch you in the face to make it even.


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