Tonight was the last night of my graduate class. I got an A. Scratch that; I got full points on all of my projects, so I TOTALLY ACED that puppy!

Here is what the professor wrote on my portfolio:

I enjoyed going back through your website/blog. I started reading the hard copy and then switched to the Internet so I could click on the links. What fun my high school classes would have been if this had been available. I switched back to the hard copy and read the students' comments. Wow! Your reflections suggest a dedication to the students and your growth as their teacher. I'll bet you have a great rapport with your students.

I am going to tape that up to my mirror and look at it every day. No, I'm going to make a mural of it on the back wall of my classroom. No, I'm going to make it into a t-shirt and wear it to the next faculty meeting.

No ... I'm going to memorize it and recite it to myself every time I wonder why I'm a teacher.


Marsha said...

Congratulations! That is such wonderful news. I can only imagine how those comments must make you feel--FABULOUS!

Mei said...

Well, I might have gone to school with a slightly swollen head today. But the thing about teaching teenagers is ... they can deflate a big ego pretty quickly.


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