Eight Random Things

Angela has tagged me with this meme. She didn't say I have to write about myself, so I am going to write Eight Random Things I Know, Which Are Totally Weird, and I Don't Know Why I Know Them.

Elvis' middle name is misspelled on his gravestone. Or not.

In an Elizabethan theater, to make the sound an eye makes when it falls out of a head and hits the ground, an actor would drop a grape on the stage. (I can't find online corroboration for this one, but I know I read it somewhere.)

Andrew Jackson talked to the Bell Witch (pdf).

Patrick Henry kept his crazy wife locked up in the cellar.

One of the early governors of New York, Lord Cornbury, was a cross-dresser.

Cleopatra had red hair.

Anne Boleyn probably didn't have six fingers on her right hand after all.

The root of the English word tragedy is tragos, the Greek word for goat.

If you want it, consider yourself tagged.

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fredthefish said...

I'm so using the grape thing this year. I don't know when, but a grape is going to hit the floor.


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