I've decided not to be sick until next week. This week, I have stuff to do, but next week is Homecoming, when nothing gets done anyway. I'll be sick next week, I keep telling myself.

But ... a weakened immune system brings with it the crack in the emotional armor. And after fighting with my fourth period class to SIT DOWN AND DO SOME DAMN WORK ALREADY (I may have phrased it differently to them), I waited until the bell rang and burst into tears.

"This is not at all like me," I thought, as the tears came.

Then, after I'd mopped myself up and locked the demons in my room (figurative demons; I'm not talking about my students), I realized that I'd forgotten to take my Strattera this morning.

And it was a small thing, but it gave some comfort: "I'm upset," I thought, "because I didn't have my Stratterified mood enhancement. NOT because I'm less robotic emotionally bulimic weak affected by what my kids do.

Yeah, I'll keep telling myself that.


Anonymous said...

maybe you need to come and get some of your daddy's Football Friday soup and let your momma spoil you for Joon day!

Anonymous said...

There IS no more Joon day. We've already established that, REMEMBER?

Anonymous said...

No Joon day, no Mei day.


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