After the Binge

I haven't posted often this week because you know: Premiere Week. It's very hard to have a full-time job, take a graduate class, AND keep the number of recorded shows from blowing up my TiVo. Thank goodness I don't have kids.

Here's what I've been watching (not taking into account the regular nerdy stuff I get from the History Channel and Oprah):


Chuck: loved it. I really enjoy this whole nerd trend that television is getting into.

How I Met Your Mother: As always, Barney is awesome. And I never really liked Ted and Robin's relationship, so I'm happy that's over. Also, I did not need to see Enrique Iglesias do ... anything, really.

Heroes: They crowded a LOT into the hour, but it was, on the whole, pretty satisfying.


Bones: gross, as usual. I do NOT enjoy this whole cannibalism trend that television is getting into.

House: I am maybe a little tired of House being a jerk. He used to have traits that were somewhat redeemable, but lately he's been kind of sociopathic, and I find it hard to be on his side.


Kid Nation: Okay, this show is controversial, but I am hooked. Maybe it's because I am around teenagers all day, and maybe it's because I would like to see the whole project crash and burn, I don't know yet. But when if it devolves into Lord of the Flies, we're back to that cannibalism thing that I am not so crazy about.

Bionic Woman: I was excited about this, but I wasn't impressed by the pilot. It seemed looooong. Plus I think the sister's a brat, and maybe the BW herself is too. Some of the acting seemed really, really bad.

Private Practice: I don't know. It wasn't great, but I think I might like it more as time goes on. I can tell you this: Addison is hardly the most interesting character on the show.


The Office: loved it. No matter what they do, I will always love it. One small thing: I don't need to see vomit. Ever.

My Name is Earl
: Though I don't know how they're going to keep the stories fresh with Earl in prison, I thought the first show was excellent and I laughed all the way through it, especially when the List Guy of the Week was saying all the ways he was going to kill Earl.

CSI: Overall, I found this disappointing. Mostly because I don't like Sara, and I don't like the Sara/Grissom relationship, and because I think they should have killed her off.

Ugly Betty: I loved the opening, with Las Pasiones de Betty. I think she does not get paid enough for all the crap she does for Daniel; I would not be scratching his foot, I can tell you that. I don't know that I'm going to like the addition of Illeana Douglas to the cast, and I am heartbroken that Santos won't be on anymore.

Big Shots: I spent the whole time trying to figure out which guy was the Carrie, the Sam, the Charlotte, the Miranda. And I also spent a great deal of time fitting each guy into his Desperate Housewives role. I think Christopher Titus is hilarious and once again, I don't understand Dylan McDermott's appeal.

I've had to push back Prison Break and Grey's Anatomy because the TiVo only records two shows at a time; I'll watch them online until I decide if I want to reinstate their Season Passes.

It really has taken me all weekend to get caught up, and that's not even counting the 27 episodes of Murder, She Wrote that are still waiting.

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