Creative Naming

I am going to be so confused in my classes this year. So many Ashleys and Brittanys and Jacobs and Joshuas! In once class alone, I have two Nicoles and a Nikki, two Sarahs, and two Taylors. How does that happen?

Parents in my neck of the woods are not the type to name their kids Audio Science or Pilot Inspektor or (my favorite) Moxie CrimeFighter. But I think they could show a little originality, just so I can have an easier time in my classroom. I don't think that's asking too much.

That's why, once again, I am throwing out another baby name. Free for the taking:


Think about it: Diversity Jones. It has a nice ring, doesn't it? And consider what it tells people. "Hey world! I'm totally not a racist!" (It's my opinion that parents who dish out crazy names are thinking more of themselves than their children, so this name is perfect.)

Except ... you know that kid is going to wind up in the Klan.


Joon said...

I have 2 Dalton's in one class, but I won't even teach them next week, so it doesn't matter. See, that's why I picked out Emmerson's name. No one will have a matching one in her class.

Dreamy said...

Me and Barry wanted to name Megan "Hey You Oi IT Michael" or "RobRafAli" cuz all of his friends wanted the baby to be named after them... we wound up with Megan and a bazillion other Megans. :( But the name that takes the cake? Labia. The woman in bed next to my mom on the delivery ward when she had me named her daughter Labia. OMG (How's freshman english going so far?)

Mei said...

Joon - I think I picked out that name.

Dreamy - That is AWFUL. That girl's life is ruined. (I'll write about the class in a post.)

Kathleen said...

I have two sons. Each was pretty much the only one in their classes with their names and they are rather normal names -- Jimmy and Brian. However, in classes of hundreds of kids (1700 total enrollment), in their groups of friends there are many same-named kids - 3 boys named Josh, 3 - Sarahs, 3 - Brittany, 2 John/Jon, 2 - Heathers, 3 - Melanie. I identify them by either their boyfriend/girlfriend or their neighborhood. Brittany from the Beach, Sarah from the Oaks, Steve's Sarah... the boys know who they are talking about by context of the conversation. I need them to tell me where they live! :)


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