Sweet Dreams

Tomorrow is the teachers' first day back at school, and you know what that means:

I've dreamt, at times, that I'm in front of the classroom and I've forgotten to put on my skirt, or put my shirt on without first putting on a bra. Those are pretty bad.

But--by far--the worst teacher nightmares are the ones where the principal has come in to evaluate me, and my students have gone hog-wild. I beg them to sit down and behave themselves, and they get even worse. In some of the dreams I've even started crying and run out of the school. Those ones are horribly realistic and I often get flashes of them during the next day and shudder to myself.

So far I've always remembered to wear all my underwear and clothing, and my classes are fairly well-behaved (at least during evaluations).

Maybe this year will be different, now that I'm tenured and don't have to be evaluated. Of course, there is the real-life nightmare of the Giant State Test that my English class will probably all fail and then I'll be put on probation and they'll take away my tenure and I'll have to teach P.E. or something ...

Ooh, I shouldn't have thought that.


ms. whatsit said...

My palms are sweaty now when I think about some of the nightmares I've had. It's good to know I'm not the only one who suffers from back-to-school anxiety.

Dree said...

I don't start back until September (with students, I mean), but around August I always start having school dreams. Not necessarily nightmares, but dreams about my classroom and students. And then I wake up all anxious thinking I'm not gonna be ready in time. Ugh. Summer goes by so fast.

woolydoodles said...

Good luck being back at school.
I will be thinking of you.
Take care
Love n hugs
Mel x

Mei said...

ms. whatsit - My sister and I have discussed our teacher nightmares at length; barring the fact that we are weirdos, I'd say that it's fairly common. I hope.

dree - You're right, summer DOES go by fast! I feel like school JUST let out, and now I have to go back!

Mel - Thanks for the good wishes!


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