A Gift from Joon

My sister Joon has tagged me with a Ten Random Things Meme. I feel that every post I make is about my randomnicity, and I passed ten a long time ago. So I'm going to post Joon's random things and make comments when I want to.

1. I'm addicted to taking pictures of my daughter and buying her new clothes.
When I used to go shopping with Joon, she would pick out seventeen outfits for herself and spend thirty minutes PER OUTFIT in the dressing room. Then she would come out and say, "Do I look cute in this?" and survey random passersby to get their opinions too. One time she did this and I WAS IN A WHEELCHAIR AND COULDN'T ESCAPE.
Now when we go shopping we spend most of our time in the baby clothes or toys, and nobody tries things on and I don't get near as homicidal.
I don't think any baby has ever had as many pictures taken of her as my niece.

2. When I sleep (unless it's extremely hot), I have to have all my body parts up to my neck under the covers. I cherish my naptimes as well.
Joon and I both love naps. When we were kids we hated naptime, but now ... sometimes the only thing that gets me up in the morning is the thought that I can take a nap when I get home.
Joon steals covers. One time when we were at my grandparents' house she elbowed me in the eye.

3. I love looking at all the organizational things at Target and Walmart even though I'm hardly organzied. I even have a book or two on cleaning up the clutter around your house.
She had plastic shoe boxes in her bathroom for almost six months before she started organizing the mess under her sink.

4. Speaking of clutter, we just cleaned out our office and can now see the floor. Now I have scrapbook stuff in there. It's my newest hobby and I hope that I am not just wasting my money and will actually DO it.
Joon has this book that has all the layouts already created; all she has to do is glue in the pictures. I think that is CHEATING.

5. I have a problem being consistent. I can start workouts, hobbies, lists, etc. but cannot finish. It also has something to do with a lack of motivation, I think.
Yet another thing we have in common. I think she is ADD like me, but she took that online test and it said she wasn't.

6. I teach English, so when I see a spelling or grammar mistake in an article, email, etc., I correct it in my head...sometimes out loud. I guess it depends on who is with me at the time. If it's my sister, we will usually both notice it at the same time. What can you say...we're just a couple of nerds.
We really are. I was telling somebody the other day that when my family gets together, it's the biggest Nerd Convention you're ever likely to see. Also, we all catch each other on our grammatical errors; it's a good opportunity to make fun of each other.

7. We love cruises!! We've been to the Western Carribean three times and Eastern twice. We were planning to go on a Mediterranean cruise to Italy for our five year anniversary this June, but our daughter came instead. :)
I think I would get bored on a cruise. Is there a library or museum? I think not. I have to keep busy on my vacation, preferably by LEARNING THINGS. Joon likes doing things like laying in the sun and doing nothing. Bluh.

8. My family has a curse that has to do with stores. We always get behind someone in line who needs a price check or the person has to change the cash register tape. Either that or WE are the ones that are buying an item with no price tag (it happened to me yesterday). It never fails.

Ha ha! We do, too. It's very inconvenient.

9. I always sing the wrong words to songs. I would NOT win on "The Singing Bee."
She also gets cliches wrong. Examples (and these are real things that she's said):
Quit making an anthill out of a molehill. [making a mountain out of a molehill]
Don't sit there like a stump on a log. [bump on a log]
Six is half a dozen. [six of one, half dozen of the other]
I've gotten so used to saying them the wrong way (to make fun of her, naturally) that I have to catch myself if I say them in public to make sure that I get them right.

10. I'm competitive when it comes to games; therefore, I always yell...the loudest.
I beg to differ; I can get very loud myself. Actually, my whole family enjoys yelling. Just random yelling. It's very therep therapeu healthy-making.


Lady S said...

Thanks, that was very funny! You realize just how much you are alike and different when you take surveys together (and stuff). You guys sound like me and my sister. Very different, but very the same.

Joon said...

Thanks for making comments on my survey instead of doing it yourself. Dork.


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