Oprah's new book is Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides, and I HAVE ALREADY READ IT!

I often referenced it during Joon's pregnancy, when we were discussing gender. In the book, somebody dangles a spoon over a pregnant woman's belly to find out the sex of the baby; the spoon says it's a boy, but the baby is a girl. Only, SHE'S ALSO A BOY. (dun dun DUN) She's totally a hermaphrodite!

And the hermaphroditia hermaphrodition girl/boy isn't even the most shocking revelation in the book. You'd think it would be, but no, it's not even close. It might not even be the second most shocking thing.

Generally I find that Pulitzer Prize winners can be boring and/or pretentious, but this book is neither of those. It's like Jerry Springer wrote a novel, I'm not kidding.

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