Only four days after finishing the last sock, I've completed another one. I KNOW! I put this down to not cleaning and a CSI marathon.

I am starting to get the hang of this short-rows thing, but I still have holes where the heel joins the cuff. I'm not worried enough to rip it out, but I am worried enough that I am just going to have to keep it for myself instead of giving it away.

Yarn: Opal - I think it's a prototype that didn't catch on. I bought it on eBay last summer.
Needles: size 2 dpns
Pattern: generic toe-up; the ribbing is 4x1 (just to try something new); (messy) sewn cast-off

I just hope I can finish the second one at all as quickly.

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Anonymous said...

love it!
iv never mastered the short row heel so usually just knit a heel flap...i must try again but i think ill go for a yo rather than a wrap.
beautiful colour to.
take care
love n hugs
pops x


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