Monday Loves

Today's Loves theme is Things I Love to Do When I'm on Spring Break.

sleep - This is a given. I love to do this whether I'm on break or not. But I get to do it a lot more when there's no school to interrupt.

read - There's not a lot of time for uninterrupted reading, with school and rehearsal and Murder She Wrote. But I've had time to just sit down with a book and read from start to finish without having to put it down.

watch television - I usually just catch up on my TiVo'd shows, but occasionally I will watch live television too. This week I watched The View once, and E!News, and maybe an episode of Friends. Everything else was from the TiVo.

knit - I do this during the television watching. When there's something I want to work on, like socks, I settle in for a marathon of knitting and tv.

covet things on eBay - I look, mostly, at shoes and yarn. Sometimes I will look at books, but ever since they stopped selling teacher texts, I haven't been that interested (I'd do searches for theatre books; since there's no real curriculum, I have to make it up myself, and I need all the resources I can get my hands on).

look at my clean house - It's a funny thing about cleaning; I hate it, HATE IT. But, as I was picking things up and putting them away, I noticed that the cleaner a room got, the calmer I got. Like there was a total connection between the amount of clutter and my agitated state. AND, strangely, it only took about two hours to get the entire house cleaned. I'd been putting it off because the thought of tackling it was just too depressing, but once I [took some Strattera and] dove in, it wasn't really that big a job. I will not talk about the closet, though.

play around on the internet - I just read a bunch of blogs, and Entertainment Weekly, and the county newspaper, and Yahoo! News (I guess I like news! more than news), and lesson plan sites. I like to know what's going on and what other people are doing.

Tomorrow: Tuesday Tortures, or Why the First Day after a Break Stinks.

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