Well, they only took, like, two MONTHS, but I finally have a pair of socks.

Wool socks, just in time for summer.

I'm staying at Joon's and she has no needles. I kind of knew this when I came over here, but did I bring any sewing needles with me? I did NOT.

So I had to improvise.

That's some impressive ingenuity right there, taping yarn to a knitting needle. It totally worked, too, and I will defy the Southern global warming freakishly high temperatures and wear these socks to school tomorrow, regardless of whether or not they match my clothing.


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Congratulations! I just finished my first pair of socks last night, so I can definitely relate to the feeling of "I can't believe I'm finally done with all that knitting on teeny tiny needles that took forever to do."

Needless to say, I'm already making plans to start another pair.

Mei said...

I love making socks; they are relatively quick to knit and they are portable projects.
Also, this particular pair, since it was all stockinette, was kind of a stress-reliever when I didn't feel like working on my giant lace thing.
Congrats on your own socks! I cast on another pair too!

Anonymous said...

i love your imaginative use of a knitting needle!
gorgeous socks!...its always good to have a mindless project on the go for when you want to watch tv etc
take care
love n hugs
pops(sp) x

Mei said...

Thanks! I love sitting on the couch, watching tv, with no chart or directions, knitting away on a plain ol' sock. It's soothing, in a way.


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