Sunday Hate

Since tomorrow I have to talk about things I love, today I am going to talk about things I hate. Well, ONE thing I hate. And that thing's name is


Mirna, from The Amazing Race. Who was out of her freaking mind the first time she raced, and who has gone completely out of her tree this time.

Generally speaking, I can separate the people on television from their characters. This is why I don't actually have any dislike for, say, Zachary Quinto, or Ron Rifkin, or Patricia Velasquez. I realize that these actors are playing roles, and that they themselves are (probably) not despicable human beings.

But, regardless of editing, Mirna is, in fact, just being herself. Her grating, useless, whiny, entitled, victim-complexed, non-English-speaking, all-up-in-everybody-else's-business self. And what is shown on television is NOT her playing a role, but her ACTUAL REAL PERSONALITY. "Personality," I mean, unless berating others for just plain being better than you counts as a positive character trait.

I cannot imagine how she made it through law school, though she is quick to tell everybody in the wide world that she is a lawyer, and as a lawyer, she can see through people's lies and also she can ascertain whether or not other people are criminals (sample criminal behavior: FINISHING A TASK BEFORE SHE DOES. I mean, HOW DARE THEY???).

At this point, I am willing to put Mirna on a level with Paris Hilton, which is a BIG DEAL. As a matter of fact, they should go on The Amazing Race together and, with any luck, they will navigate themselves right over a cliff and we will be done with both of them. World peace would be achieved, poverty would end, I would be paid more than professional athletes, and I will never, no never, have to hear that jerk use her pidgin English to ask coerce a cab driver into giving her directions.


Dree said...

Agreed. I loathe the woman. I hated her the first time she was on, and I can't stand her now. And I'm still mad that they beat Rob and Amber last night. Damnit.

Mei said...

It's the first time I ever rooted for Rob and Amber to win, I'll tell you that much.

Anonymous said...

the way Mirna "speaks" to people in other countries with that weird accent of hers is despicable...she spoils the show for me!


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