Chapter 8 in the speech book is all about interviews. Because my kiddos are more likely to go through many many job interviews in their lifetimes, that's what I focus on during Chapter 8.

Today we talked about job advertisements, and how you should look to see WHO you'd be working for, WHAT you'd be doing, and HOW to contact the employer. To reinforce this, I had them make their own job advertisements, for any employer--real or fake.

So I was walking around, watching their progress, and I noticed this kid, M, carefully lettering his ad.


it said.


"M," I said, "you might want to stop that right there."

"Okay," he replied. And then he began outlining his letters with a pink marker.

"M!" I said, "When I said, 'You might want to stop,' what I meant was, "STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!'"

"Ms. Flower, why?" he asked, and I gave him A Look.

He sat quietly for a minute, staring into space, the wheels just a-turning. He looked at me: "Ms. Flower, can I do one for a bartender?"

I stared at him.

He stared at me.

"M," I said, "how about you come up with an idea that DOESN'T make me roll my eyes at you?"

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