Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me

I do not know why, for a city that is famed for its Starbucks, tonight's AI auditioners were so ... dull. Like it was too much of an effort to show a smile or, indeed, any spark of life at all.

I have to say, I saw Simon Cowell on The X Factor when I was in London, and he was just lovely. He was like a different person on that show. And don't get me wrong: I love Mean Simon (sometimes I think he is not mean enough, in fact). But he looked genuinely happy to see the contestants on that show, and he gave good constructive criticism, and it seemed like it really pained him to let some of the singers go.

Not so in America.

Some of my favorite shots are of Simon's face during some deluded "singer's" absolutely ridiculous performance. I think that my own face must look the same way, a cross between "is-she-serious?" and "I-hope-she-doesn't-try-to-kill-me." And when said delusionoids try to argue with the man and tell him that he doesn't know good singing, I just think to myself, Who is the millionaire here? Whose name does everyone in America know? Who has made a career of launching singers?

I definitely think American Idol could lay off the developmentally-challenged people for a while. And, really, ENOUGH with the backstories! I don't care what job a person has, or what sacrifices a person's made, or how far a person's traveled, or anything else: I just want to hear the people SING (or "sing," in some cases) and then I want them to go away.

I love that Simon hates Taylor Hicks. I do too.

What is UP with all the Crazy Eyes in Seattle?

Next week, they go to the South and man, I hope it doesn't suck.


lorinda said...

I am happy to say I was innoculated against AI by having the ONLY episode I managed to catch be the one with William Hung singing "She Bangs."

Immunizations work. I will never catch American Idol fever.

Cindy said...

Mei, I'm a huge AI fan, but enough with the nonstop weirdos. Robin Lee Hatcher blogged about it, and I pretty much share her feelings...check it out when you get a moment:


Mei said...

Thanks for the link, Cindy. I'm kind of uncomfortable with the way AI consistently makes fun of people who are "slow," as we say in the South. There are plenty of self-righteous geniuses to make fun of, especially when they start to go off on Simon, who is maybe my hero.

Lorinda, William Hung soured me on AI for quite a long time. I didn't even watch the Fantasia season because I couldn't bear to go through that again. But, like I said, for whatever reason, I allow myself to be sucked back in. I need a 12-step program, is what I need.

Dreamy said...

Mei, I agree with you on Simon and on hating Taylor Hicks. Blargh. I also have to agree with enough of the backstory/sob story etc. Personally, I don't really give a whack if you lost your job to audition (hahaha... good luck getting it back, moron) and have to take all of it with a grain of salt. Pickler killed me for any sort of sympathy with the backstory thing... and as for T. Hicks, have you hear Wierd Al's version of Hicks' "Do I Make You Proud?" It's called, "Do I Creep You Out?" hahaha


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