I went to Kroger yesterday to do my weekly grocery shopping. While I was there, I though, "Hey, this would be great weather for chili!" You know and I know that there is no cooking going on in La Cocina de la Casa de La Flora, so I headed straight for the Canned Meats aisle, which is just as disgusting as it sounds.

While I was trying to decide if it was worth the extra twenty cents to buy the Hormel over generic, this caught my eye:

Blessed Pudding! Are there really people who love Spam so much that they need to have ready-made slices at hand in case of a Spam Emergency? I myself have never eaten Spam, mostly because once the can is open and I get a good whiff I either pass out or vomit. I cannot believe that there are actual human beings who have said, "You know what would be awesome? SLICED SPAM!"

And as I was sitting standing in judgment of these unknown Spam Fans, this thought came to me: "Mei Flower," I thought, because I always use both my names when I talk to myself, "Mei Flower, I don't know why you think you are above the Spam Addicts when you yourself are in this aisle searching for CANNED CHILI."

And at that, I had to own up to the fact that I was fixing to indulge in a little Gross Food, and the thought disturbed me so much that I left the Canned Meats aisle and picked up a package of chili spices and two cans of tomato sauce.

I do not think I will ever eat canned chili again.

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