Report Card

I had to turn in all my grades today, and I'm pretty pleased with my kids ... except for one class. Guess which one.

Class average: 87
(I love them. Love them love them love them.)

Speech A
Class average: 86
(An excellent class. Only one who is failing, because he never does his work. I've already called his mom. Also, his brother has just been sent to alternative school. He may not be far behind.)

Speech B
Class average: 83
(A fair-to-middling class. Only two people failing. Again, because they never do their work. There are some attitude and inattentiveness problems, which I'm sure will clear up after this report card comes out.)

Reading, 1st period
Class average: 76
(Could be better, but SUCH a relief that it is, at least, a C average. Only two failing; guess why.)

Reading, 2nd period
Class average: 64
(ELEVEN WHOLE POINTS less than 1st period! Of 28 students, I think 12 are passing. One of those has a 100% average, and several others have high As. I gave them the past two days to do extra work--WHICH I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO--and they ... did nothing. I've done everything I could possibly do; they get what they deserve, even if what they deserve is 26%.)

(Only five classes because my sixth class is study hall ... no grades! And if there were, everybody get 100!)

Parent-teacher conferences are going to be 4/5 delightful and 1/5 crap. Whee.

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