Old Mei and the Sea

I got this idea from Lorinda, who got it from Anne, who got it from Wired, who got it from Hemingway.

The challenge is to tell a story in six words. I myself often use forty words when three will do, but here's what I came up with. (They have to be yarn/fiber/knitting-related).

No yarn. No needles. Now what?

Cat spies yarn (not needles). MROWL!

Tivo + yarn = Christmas presents.

Must spin ... no fiber. Cat's bald!

Not enough stitches? Urgh! Yarnovers! (frog)


Waterfall said...

Ha! I love the "cat's bald" one! (Poor kitty!)

lorinda said...

Reading your blog is a treat I give myself. I'm glad for sp9 because it means I met you!

Mei said...

I really did read somewhere about a lady who made yarn from cat hair. At first I thought, That's kinda weird. But then I noticed that my cat sheds up a storm, and I realized that there is a definite untapped resource right here in this house. (except I don't spin; I'm not coordinated enough)

Aw, thanks Lorinda! That means a lot to me!


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