You Know You Make Me Wanna ...

Mine is a yelling family, no doubt about it.

We all went over to Joon's this week and had ourselves some Family Fun. There was pizza and ice cream, and then there was violent shouting. Awesome!

One thing we Flowers believe is this: It Counts More If You're Yelling. That can be applied to anything from asking someone to pass the potatoes to trying to decide where to eat lunch. I personally know that if I am ever on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek will leave the studio with a massive headache, because even when I am alone, I cannot help myself. ("WHAT IS NORMANDY!")

We don't even make plans ahead of time, now, because it's so much fun to shout it out. That's what we do in the car on the way to The Metropolis: yell about where we're going to eat or what movie to see. Sometimes we don't even make it to the car; at least twice, we've all yelled ourselves hoarse and then decided to stay home (but we had just as much fun as if we'd gone out).

That's why, last Christmas, I gave Joon a copy of Shout about Movies. The combination of loud voices and competition: it's like crack to us.

So when Joon brought the game out the other night, I was very excited. (Hopped up on caffeine and CinnaStix, there wasn't ANYTHING I wasn't excited about.)

We started slowly, testing the waters--and saving our voices. Soon, though, the excitement became too much to bear, and we just let fly.



It got INTENSE, and we were all on the edge of our seats, shooting dirty looks at each other and, in general, being sore losers and non-gracious winners. You know, like normal.

I am pleased to say that MY TEAM WON we all had fun, and we left Joon's house with racing hearts, sore throats, and the promise that we'd do it again next week.

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