The Payoff

Nobody ever calls a good student's parents.

Well ... except me.

This week I made several phone calls to parents to tell them how proud I was of their kids. These students work consistently, try hard, keep their eyes on the prize, take the initiative if they think they're falling behind, and don't give me any trouble. I love them.

When I make these phone calls, the parent is always very tentative at the beginning, because when they hear, "I'm xxxxx's teacher," they automatically expect something bad. By the end of the call, though, their demeanor has changed significantly, the parent is bursting with pride and falling all over him/herself thanking me for taking the time to call. I look forward to these phone calls; I wish I could make more of them.

I made several calls Wednesday; Thursday I received this email:

Ms. Flower,
It's teachers like you that makes the world of difference in kids
lives. Your phone call to my house last night meant so much to me and
xxxxxx. You totally surprised her. Thanks for having a vested
interest in the life of my child.

It made my day, and it reminded me that, while there are several things I do NOT like about my job, the good always--ALWAYS--outweighs the bad.


Jenn said...

That is awesome! People always forget to praise where it is deserved! I wish you had been one of MY teachers!

here is a funy story that you will like.....

I am going to college again. I am taking three classes and am the oldest in each one. I really thought that I wouldn't be in class with a bunch of 18 year olds, but I am. One class is an accounting class. I love accounting. Good thing since it is my major! Accounting is hard for some people. I, on the other hand, just "get it". It's really easy for me.

SO in class the other night we were going over some homework. I usually stay quiet unless no one knows the answer. A question was answered wrong and it looked like professor was going to let it go. I spoke up and said wait a minute, and gave the correct answer.

He clapped his hands, said YES, and said that I was controller material, a future CFO. He laughed and said I was just crusing through this course.

I BLUSHED! I never blush! I was so happy to have him say something about how good I was doing. He has been so busy helping the people that are having a hard time, that he never says anything to me.

So see. Even an almost 30 year old needs to hear good job from her teacher :-)

Mei said...

Doesn't it give you a great feeling to be singled out like that? I sometimes forget how powerful a positive word can be ... I'm going to work on that from now on.


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