Yarn Aboard!

Now that I've got batteries in the camera ...

look who's here!

It's Henry Hudson, the English explorer who sailed up through New York, and then by another route through Canada, looking for the Northwest Passage. He never found it, and eventually his crew rebelled and set Hudson and his son adrift in a boat, and no one knows what happened to them. I lived in upstate New York for three years; when I was in the seventh grade, we studied New York history. Henry Hudson figured prominently, of course, so this box seems very appropriate for me!

Henry Hudson spent some time overseas in Brussels, with Rebecca, before he stopped off here. And he brought a bunch of treasure with him:

The contents are as follows:
--Opal Rainforest sock yarn, in the Parrot colorway
--Angora sock yarn, in the Dark Roses colorway
--Rooibos by Jacob Hooy tea
--Cute colorful packing tape
--Flower post-its

Thanks Rebecca! The yarn is great and I can't wait to use it. I have been having SUCH a hankering for some tea lately; this came just in time!

I've sent Henry Hudson on to his next stop, loaded with more treasure for a deserving recipient.

(Send some love to Rebecca; her dog is missing. Losing a pet is a traumatic experience. Please keep her in your prayers.)
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Jenn said...

Nice! I lived in upstate NY for a while too. Most of my family s still there. I kind of hope I get the Henry Hudson box!

Mei said...

His story gets to me, especially the part about being abandoned by his crew. Sad.
I really liked living in NY when I was there (near Albany). I don't have family there, though, so I haven't been back since we moved.

amanda said...

What a great package! Enjoy the yarn and tea :o)


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