I KNEW I Shouldn't Have Said Anything

Second day of school.

I hate my second period class already.

I have 26 desks and 27 students. Maybe 29, if the roster I got at the end of the is the most recent. Where do I put these kids? Are we building Jetsons-type desks that magically float out of the walls? Should I open the door and teach kids out in the hall. Maybe I can superglue someone to the ceiling, since that space is underutilized. Or maybe, just maybe, WE COULD STOP LETTING THE BOARD GIVE THEMSELVES PAY RAISES AND GET SOME MORE TEACHERS.

Note: One of the main instigators of that second period nonsense is a teacher's kid. I knew he was trouble the first day, when he sauntered in class--LATE--acting like he owned the place. I gave him a write-off today. He went and told his mommy and now he's in another reading class. GOOD RIDDANCE.

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