Dear PBS Affilliate:

I am very disappointed to find that you think Ageless Skin is far more entertaining programming than History Detectives. I assure you that I have no interest in Dr. Denese, and that I am most interested in History Detectives. I watch PBS in order to learn things of educational value, and besides, I've already seen 10 episodes of Oprah that told me how to keep from looking old.

Furthermore, I would rather watch Mystery! than a Dutch guy in concert.

I watch these two programs faithfully, and I would much prefer them in the place of the other programs you currently have in their time slots. You have screwed up my television-watching schedule and though I am trying to adjust, I find that I just don't want to.

Please do a better job next time.

Mei Flower


jeanne said...

ditto! in spades!

(I don't know how to e-mail you, so i'll ask you here: are you a big fan of the click here to read more link? cuz...um, i'm not so much...)

Mei said...

I like it and don't like it; I use it on longer posts, but sometimes I can sum up what I want to say in a sentence or two and the Read More isn't applicable. If I knew more html or had time to figure it out, I'd change it, but that's gonna wait a while, I think.


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