No Idle Hands Here!

I've been working on baby things.

To clarify: NOT FOR ME. I just happen to know a lot of fertile people who all have to go having their babies at the same time.

Item 1:

Blossom, from Magknits. (It's a dress). I've got two-thirds of it done and just need to finish up the front. Unless the mom-to-be wants her child to wear this stunning one-shoulder number.

This is variegated yarn; the colors are pretty close to what the picture shows. It looks a lot better in person, actually. Less scary.

Item 2:
Generic baby socks, from my brain. I just wanted to see if I could do it. You can tell from the giant holes that I am having a problem with the short-row heels, but I think I've figured it out now.

So these are just the TEST socks ... yeah, that's it.

Also, the color is not as dreary and institutional as depicted here; the yarn is kind of a self-stripe (on something larger, it would just be variegated) of pastel pink and purple, with white in between. It's really cute, I promise.

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