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At my workshop last week, we had to do one of those getting-to-know-you activities. I hate those.

Also, it seemed almost unnecessary since most of the people in the workshop were from Randomville High; I guess the principals at the other schools weren't as threatening encouraging when recruiting teachers to attend the summer workshops.

In groups of four, we were each supposed to describe the following: our favorite color, our favorite zoo animal, our favorite vacation spot, and a blank room painted white with no furniture or windows and a door that was not locked.

We were supposed to write three things about each category, and then our group was supposed to guess what we were describing. Here are the things I wrote.

FAVORITE COLOR (answer: purple)

-At times, deep and dark, with a lot going on under the surface.
-At times, light and floaty, like the smell of your backyard at sunrise.
-At times, regal, bestowing authority on all who wear it.

FAVORITE ZOO ANIMAL (answer: gorilla)

-It has quiet strength.
-It sits, calmly gazing through the bars, lulling the viewer into thinking it's a friend.
-As it rises up, you know beyond a doubt that it could kill you if it wanted to.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT (answer: duh, London)
[my group started making fun of me for my long answers, so I shortened the remaining two]

-Full of people from everywhere

HOW YOU'D FEEL IN A STARK WHITE ROOM (answer: I'd hate it)

-I wouldn't know what to do or where to start.
-I'd just go to sleep.

Evidently, the things you write about each category is supposed to have some sort of subliminal message. We didn't know this until after we had written and shared our answers.

What you write about your favorite color tells how YOU see yourself, but others do not. ANALYSIS: It's pretty accurate. Except for the part about bestowing authority; I'm not much of a delegator.

What you write about your favorite zoo animal tells how those closest to you describe you. ANALYSIS: HEEEEEE!!! Especially the last part.

What you write about your favorite vacation spot tells about your love life. ANALYSIS: Historic? Check. Literary? I don't even know what that means. Full of people from everywhere? I must be some kind of whore. So ... check. (haha)

What you write about the empty room tells how you feel about being at this workshop. ANALYSIS: Erm ... no comment? Especially since my assistant principal was sitting right next to me?

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