Dear CBS: Pull the Other One

I just watched Tuesday Night Book Club. I happen to have been looking forward to it, actually, given that I am, myself, a member of a book club.

Here's the thing, though: Nobody pays the women in my book club to manufacture conflict for a camera. Or hands us scripts so that we know exactly what words to say (albeit it in our best stilted, I'm-making-this-up-my-own-self-no-really-I-totally-thought-up-these-words-on-my-own manner).

I am so incensed that a broadcast television station would think so little of its audience as to air this ... TRASH. And to try to fool me into thinking it's real?

Are you saying that you didn't hand out casting calls in Scottsdale that read

Women between the ages of 20 and 45,
Botox and plastic surgery a plus,
Weight no more that 115lbs,
Prefer experience with marital problems/substance abuse/
sexual dysfunction/low self-esteem
Able to "act naturally"

For a new show

Happy, contented, satisfied women

*illiteracy not an issue preferred

I have, personally, watched HOURS of reality television, including some of the worst crap on the planet. Temptation Island. The Biggest Loser. Texas Ranch House. Showbiz Moms and Dads. Celebrity Fit Club. Newlyweds. My Fair Brady. Real World/Road Rules Challenge. The Bachelor. BIG BROTHER.

But I have never been so ashamed of my television viewing habits as I was while I was watching this show, tonight. I'd rather watch two episodes of Hogan Knows Best with a Breaking Bonaduce chaser than watch Tuesday Night Book Club again.

If it weren't for CSI, I'd delete you from my Tivo.

One Very Ticked Off
Mei Flower

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