Like Mother ...

I'm the kind of person who will go to a fine dining establishment and be grossed out by the food on the menu. Seriously, just because you say it in French, it doesn't mean it's NOT SNAILS.

When it comes down to it, even though I would LIKE to be a champagne-and-caviar society lady, I am really just a Diet-Coke-and-chicken-fingers kinda gal.

So today, I gave my darling Lulu a little treat: I bought her some expensive, veterinarian-recommended all natural chicken-in-gravy cat food. (I got paid today). (But only one can of it). (Because I am still poor).

NOT ONLY did she sniff it and WALK AWAY, but she refused to eat AT ALL until I had completely WASHED OUT THE BOWL. But when I tore open the Friskies, she was right up on me, and she chowed down on that preservatives-laden $0.33/package junk food.

I'm so proud.

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Waterfall said...

How funny! Like mother, like cat, indeed!


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