Tales from the Test 2

Friday I proctored another test, and while I didn't spill my soda this time, I did still have "an incident." (Of non-test-disturbing nature, of course).

See, even after all the kids in my room finish their tests, we still have to wait for EVERY OTHER STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL to finish as well. And I don't know if I just have the supergenius kids, or if they fly through so they can finish, or everybody else is just more methodic or what, but my test rooms always seem to finish early. And since Friday's was an untimed test, and my last tester finished a full HOUR before all the tests were in, we had a lot of time to kill.

So what do kids do when they have nothing to do for an hour and they're not allowed to talk (so as not to disturb the kids next door)? Answer: they sleep.

I don't understand how they do it, because I cannot sleep in public myself, but some of these kids actually get into their deep sleep cycles at school, while leaning over their desks in possibly the most uncomfortable position ever. And it wasn't long before the snoring started.

I am not talking about heavy, deep breathing; I am talking about full-on snoring that was so loud we had to wake the kid up--several times. I will try to reproduce the sound here:


I believe that, one time, she snored so loudly that she woke her own self up.

So I think I am going to have to be forgiven for getting the church giggles, because DANG.

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