I do not know why, but kids LOVE to write on the chalkboard. It's like an obsession with them. I personally hate to write on the chalkboard, and I am still mad that, when I changed rooms last year, they wouldn't let me rip my whiteboards off the wall and take them with me.

My theater class is rehearsing for some mini-plays to be performed Friday. Apparently one group thought their rehearsal was over (which: I bet I know what THAT performance is going to be like) and drew a picture on the chalkboard.

It is titled "ms flower" (I traced it; look, the rewards are few, okay?)

It's a pretty good likeness, up to and including the "Totally!" because I do say that ALL the time. It has actually gotten to be something of a joke, especially since my kids started out by making fun of me for saying it all the time, and now THEY say it too, because I am their role model and hero (cough).

Now y'all know I try to be encouraging and inspirational and crap like that, but I just had to ask the artist: "What is UP with my FEET?"

She said, "Those are your high heels."

I didn't say anything out loud, but in my head, I was thinking, "My shoes are TOTALLY CUTER than those!!"

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