Nursery Tales

I spent yesterday morning in the church nursery--two year olds. I can handle them for about an hour-and-a-half, once a month. After that, I take no prisoners.

Whoever's in charge of putting toys in each classroom had graciously provided us with a new Fisher Price doctor's kit.

One little girl grabbed onto that in a hurry and stuffed it full of plastic food, plates and Little People. She said it was her purse.

I was looking through it as she stood next to me holding a doll, and I pulled out the play thermometer. "Oh," I said, "Why don't you check and see if your baby has a temperature?"

She took the thermometer from me, flipped her baby upside down, and pretended to take its temperature--anally.

I forgot people still do that, but apparently she's had some experience with that procedure.

Also, I laughed really, really hard.

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