ADD + Caffeine = Sleep?

I have this one student who likes to sleep in class. He sits right in front of me, and yet he is somehow unable to keep his eyes open. He has an IEP, so somehow I'm supposed to modify for him, though his disability is not narcolepsy, and he hasn't done any work for me to modify anyway.

So I was talking to the special ed lady about him, and she told me that if a person is truly ADD/ADHD, stimulants such as caffeine and chocolate will have the opposite effect; they will, in fact, cause drowsiness and lethargy.

Hunh. Maybe the reason that I come home exhausted is that I suck down Diet Coke like a crazy woman during the day.

I would think about this more, but I just had some Snickers and now I have to go to bed.

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Anonymous said...


Please ask the teacher where I can find more information on this. I am a 30 year old female who has the same reaction to the smallest doses of chocolate. It's something I can't control and something that took me years to realize (I'm a chocaholic). I have never been diagnoised with ADD but feel I have most of the symptoms.

I feel very bad for the student but at least he knows what his/her problem is. That should be enough for them to at least start working to get stuff done.


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