Monday Madness

Now that I have mastered the Art of Knitting (ha ha) I have this urge to--please note that I hate this phrase--"take it to the next level."

That's right; scarves and hats and blankets are great, but they are, in essence, just rectangles and squares. I have decided to CHALLENGE MYSELF. Sometimes I am so stupid.

So obviously, me being me, I am not going to move slowly in a new direction; I am totally the kind of person who wants to learn to swim by jumping in the deep end of the pool, or some other hackneyed cliche explanation.

I decided to make myself some socks. REAL socks. I should have thought that through.

I went to the Local Yarn Shop (and I use that description very loosely, as it takes just about an hour to get there. I guess, in my case, it should just be Yarn Shop) and the owner there, Beth, got me started.

Y'all, there I was, knitting my little heart out, for almost four hours. Here's what I got done:

That is really a penny used to denote size. In four hours, I knit one cent worth of sock. I feel very frustrated at the slow rate, and also I am worried about getting it on my foot. Actually, I probably am not going to have to worry about that for a long, long time.

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