Home, and in One Piece

I had my book club tonight, and we met at a Mexican restaurant in The Metropolis.

I got there on time and without causing any major accidents or reducing the number of Randomville wildlife, both of which I consider to be significant accomplishments.

My sister Joon never emails me except to tell me how Metropolis gangs are running their initiations in the VERY AREA I AM GOING TO THAT NIGHT, and sure as shootin', I got one today. It seems there is this new thing where four guys come and bang on your windshield at intersections, telling you to get out of your car so they can kill you. I'm sure that works out well.

So, tonight, in addition to watching out for deer, I also had to watch out for crazy people all hopped up on crack and carrying guns in the middle of busy intersections. Thanks, Joon! That didn't freak me out at all!

I am, thankfully, home again, without having been raped, murdered, or overcharged for chips and salsa, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's been a good day.

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