My Day That I Did Not Spend in School

I don't have any cavities!

I did have lots of plaque cleaned off my teeth, which is always the worst part of any dentist visit, because of the scraping. However, there is now a huge gap between my two bottom middle teeth, and it looks like I have a big ol' black spice stuck in there, except I don't.

I went to Hobby Lobby, but didn't buy anything. I just looked at the yarns, but I didn't buy any.

I had gotten a gift certificate to Bath & Body Works from a student for Christmas, so I went to the mall. Y'all, you should definitely go to the mall at 11:00 on a weekday. It was deserted, and I parked right up close to the entrance and stayed there for all of twenty minutes, because there were no lines or annoying people.

I bought myself a chicken sandwich at Chik-Fil-A, which might be my favorite fast food restaurant of all time. That sandwich was good, too.

When I got home I took out the garbage, which was a monumental task, given that it's been a while. Then I did the dishes (also a monumental task).

To reward myself for all my hard work, I took a nap.

I wish every day could be Dentist Day. (only without the dentist, sometimes)

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