I Get out of Class

I attended an in-school conference today about the new curriculum we're starting for freshmen classes. In our school, there are five people that teach this class; only one person teaches this class all day long. So guess who was mysteriously absent today? Maybe not so coincidentally, this is also the one person who has complained about this curriculum change from the beginning, making his opinion known to all and sundry, even when no one wants to hear it. I have mentioned him before.

Well, it was probably better this way, because with him and his big mouth out of the way, the rest of us could ask questions and get answers and have discussions and make plans. Our conference leader is a consultant on this curriculum, and she was a secondary teacher for almost twenty years before becoming a consultant. Furthermore, she gave us a lot of ideas on how best to adapt the program to our particular needs, and she was very positive and helpful.

She should be in charge of all of our teacher development. Then I would not complain so much. Maybe.

Next week I am taking a day off to go to the dentist and my therapist, then I am taking time off to go to another conference, and then it's Martin Luther King Day! What a great schedule!

Now, what can I do to make it like this for the rest of the year?

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