Dear CSI: Welcome Back!

I just have to say that I really liked this episode, and I barely have any complaints about it. That is quite a switch, as you well know.

I'll just go ahead and get the bad stuff over with. I like to lead with the negative; it's just my way. Also, it's more fun. For me.

Please don't do these things again:
Have Grisson poke his finger in a brain
Show a man's nose that has been completely broken off his face
Have Grissom squeeze the blood out of a heart
Bijou Phillips

On the other hand, wow! You remembered that Eric Szmanda is part of your full cast! (I was beginning to doubt). And thank you for making Greg fun again; just because you work in a different job doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of humor (as I, having had four jobs in the past eight years, can testify). I, too, would classify money signed by Eisenhower's Secretary of the Treasury as ancient (because I like to think that the world didn't exist before I was alive; I'm pretty sure it was nowhere NEAR as awesome). Also, I love a man who reads. I'm just saying.

Sara continues to have a personality, as well as a life independent of one Gil Grissom; Catherine wore bangs so I couldn't be distracted by the immovable wall of Botoxed forehead; Hodges--as always--cracks me up; and Nick needs a haircut. Warrick: I don't care.

Please quit upping the ante in terms of the gross-out stuff, and next week I think Greg should read The Year of Magical Thinking (because that's what I'm reading). However, I will love you forever if he says he is sick unto death of hearing about freaking Brokeback Mountain.

Kiss Kiss,
Mei Flower

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