Dear People at CSI Who Are Trying to Kill Me ...AGAIN:

Congratulations on your grossest episode ever!

Also, congratulations on your ironic? sarcastic? untimely? decision to show how overeating can kill you on THANKSGIVING. No, really. My distended stomach and I thank you.

Furthermore, I do NOT know whose idea it is to continue to show flayed bodies on the autopsy table, but I for one do not need to see a corpse's skin pulled back so his guts are poking out. It's just disgusting.

Plus, the visual parallels between Doc Robbins' strawberry-rhubarb pie and the autopsied body were just a leetle too close, if you know what I mean.

AND, because I've awakened from my triptophan coma and have lots of energy now, I can also say that if you NEVER poke a stick through a guy's nose again, I will still have seen it one time too many.

One more: it is no longer necessary to show David sawing into a skull and pulling out a brain. Because ... <shudder>

My next item of business is food. Specifically, food that has been digested. I would rather see ten skinless bodies all laid out in a row than see Hodges dump one more bucket of half-digested macaroni and cheese into a bowl. If you ask me, that was THE GROSSEST thing that has ever been done on this show, and that is saying a LOT.

Why do you have to actually SHOW a person vomiting? The sound is enough, believe me; I don't need to see contents spewing forth as well.

I guess what I'm saying is ... sometimes you can leave things to the audience's imagination. There's an old saying that goes, "Show; don't tell," but I am begging you, CSI -- tell. TELL!!

Happy Thanksgiving and Greg needs more lines,

Mei Flower

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