I Put Myself in My Students' Shoes

Since my students got their report cards today, I am going to post my grades according to my 7th grade report card.

I was going to school in upstate New York at the time. It was the sixth school I attended, due to my having grown up in a military family. Thinking back, it was probably the most challenging school I attended, though I remember enjoying it--mostly. You'll see.

English 7 PAQ A
Satisfactory. Meets requirements.
[PAQ means something sort of like Gifted or Honors; I forget the meaning now]

Soc St 7 A
Outstanding. Works to capacity.

Math 7 ACC 78
[ACC means Accelerated. And thus began my lifelong hatred of math, so ... thanks, Mr. Fondacaro. P.S. A 78 is unsatisfactory?!?!?! Well, I dropped that class and went back to regular math--AND GOT STRAIGHT A'S, so ... suck it!]

Science 7 A
Outstanding. Works to capacity.

Foreign Lang 7 A
Outstanding. Works to capacity.

PE 7 P
Satisfactory. Meets requirements.

Music 7 A+
Outstanding. Works to capacity.

Technology 7 A-
Outstanding. Works to capacity.
[In Tech, I made a shelf. I think it is in my parents' attic. The important thing is I didn't cut any of my fingers off. Also, I learned how to use the computer to play The Oregon Trail, back in the days when you had to boot the machine with the 5 1/4 floppy turned upside down, and the screen was black but the letters were green. Man, I am OLD].

I also have a letter signed by the principal that says I have been named to the High Honor Roll.

I really was a goody-goody back then, but do you have ANY IDEA how grounded I would have been if I'd brought home a bad grade??? Even that 78 in math was a tragic event! I think my dad was even happier than I was when I dropped it, because he didn't have to help me with my homework anymore.

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