I Am the Dogmother

Today I am babysitting Joon's Lil' Darlin' while my parents take Joon birthday shopping. All in all, I think I am getting the best end of THAT deal; shopping with Joon is no picnic. Four hours in a dressing room? The same one? While Joon has modeled the same pair of jeans sixteen times? No.

Anyway, LD and I are having a perfect Saturday. Festivities include the following:

Running out the door without a leash (LD, I mean. I don't need a leash. In case you wondered).

Pooping in the neighbor's yard (again, LD, in case you wondered).

Sitting on the couch like a lazy slug (both).

Eating Fritos (both).

Barking at the neighbors' dog (sadly ... both).

Lil' Darlin' sometimes behaves like a cat, as when she sits on the back of the couch:

Here's what she's doing right now, sneaky little thing!

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