I Demand Satisfaction

I didn't go to the bathroom all day at school. This is highly unusual, but given the subsequent events, sooooooooo fortunate.

I came home and used the facilities, but when I went to wash my hands, nothing came out of the faucet!

Now, during my Strattera-free summer, I did forget to pay the water bill one time, so I knew what had happened. HOWEVER, I have been very good about paying it since then, because no water=no fun.

I was livid. That's probably the maddest I'd been in ... hours.

I tried to wash my hands the best I could, and what I wound up doing was rubbing soap into my hands and wiping them off with a Dove Facial Cleanser towellete. I tried not to think of hygiene, but ... please, I'm a Flower. We are OBSESSED with germ-control.

I called the town hall (where the utilities people are) and was asked to leave a message. The entire time, I was printing the scan of my cancelled check on my bank's website (online banking? best idea EVER!), and thinking things that need not be repeated here.

By this time it was about 4:30, and I knew that the town hall would close soon; it is fortunately, like, across the street and down about fifty feet, so I raced over there with my proof in hand. Oh, but first I had to change out of my pajamas, and that made me mad too.

The sign on the door reads, "Mon-Fri 8:00-4:30," and even though it was 4:35, I burst in there like a tornado. Somebody said, "Who forgot to lock the door?" (which: hee, but too bad, suckers!) and I stomped right into that office and asked what in the WORLD were they thinking, turning off my water, when I clearly paid the bill, and here's the check to prove it? (only much more politely, and with a genteel accent and pleasant smile, because ... I'm southern).

So it turns out, the water guy had meant to turn off my NEIGHBOR'S water, but got mine instead. They promised to fix the problem right away, and I just heard that whoosh-gush sound that means everything's all right in my world again, so I am going to wash my hands about twelve zillion times and focus on the most important thing here, which is ...


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