Pollyanna Lands in Randomville

Today when I was driving home from work, I came across a sign that read

Hurrican Victims Picnic

I can only presume that Randomville is sponsoring some sort of outdoor social that will benefit the refugees that have made it to Random County, and that whoever made the sign was so excited to be helping that he/she forgot how to spell the word hurricane.

But what if leaving off the -e was an intentional move? Instead of a fundraising event, maybe it's actually a motivational seminar to help people cheer up after living through this horrible ordeal.

Because can't you just see some chipper cheerleader-type telling the downcast and miserable, "Don't look at it as a hurrican't, try to see this as a hurr - I - CAN!!"

Then I laughed at myself, because I'm stupid.

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