Related to Katrina

Someone said tonight that 80% of the homes in Mississippi are without power.

Now, I am no math genius, but even I know that 80% is a LOT, y'all.

My school is starting a drive to help flood victims. We hope to gather food and supplies to send to some of the affected areas.

The local Navy base is also starting up a program to provide housing for refugees.

It's possible that we will get some new students who have traveled north to get out of the hurricane's path; I read that even Missouri, which is further north, might get some of those students in their schools.

It's awesome to see how people are coming together to support those who have been affected by this disaster.

On the other hand, there was a story on the news this morning about thieves who are hanging around hotels and breaking into cars that have Louisiana license plates. Just when I start to think how friendly and compassionate people are around here, some jerk goes and shoots through my idealism. Man, I hate that.

Also, I will not be going on my cruise.

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